aboutTony was dragged into the automotive industry kicking and screaming at a very young age by his grandfather Michael Demoro and father Anthony Demoro. Soon, Tony realized that he was gifted with a natural automotive common sense that gave him the ability to diagnose issues very specifically, so that people weren’t paying for experimentation. Tony now loves what he does which is taking care of his automotive family (customers).

Tony's 5 Star Transmission

Tony’s 5 Star Transmission treats all customers with the individual attention they deserve.

When your vehicle needs servicing, their ASE Certified Technicians will diagnose your problems honestly and correctly.

Before you pay for something you don’t need, get a truthful diagnosis from a company you can trust.

If your vehicle needs servicing come see Tony’s 5 Star Transmission. ASE Certified Technicians are standing by and will diagnose your problems honestly and correctly.

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